from EBSCO Database Publishing

The Stratford Public Library has just subscribed to a new database, available free of charge, exclusively to library card holders – and since library cards are free to all residents of Stratford, West Perth, Perth East and South Perth, just about anyone can access it. It’s the Small Engine Repair Reference Centre. Got a lawn-mower that won’t start on a Sunday morning but lost the service manual? Get the entire troubleshooting guide before your neighbours finish their morning coffee. How about a Ford tractor that won’t pull? There are service documents for over 70 models, free to download or print. In fact, in each category of small engine – from “generators” and “motorcycles” to “boat motors” and “snow mobiles” – there are subcategories for each brand, and each brand is broken down further by specific model. The model might have a single service document (like the 1992 Kawasaki KLF300 4x4 ATV), or an entire index of part instructions (like the John Deere Model 70 diesel tractor). Users will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded onto their computers to read and print the manuals (free to download at, but navigation of the website is straightforward, even though it lacks a search bar (check under “Outdoor Power Equipment” for snow-throwers, and not under “Snow Machines”). Manuals for machines newer than 3 or 4 years old may not yet be available, but for anyone with an older tractor, motorcycle or outboard motor, this database will make you very happy campers, and might save some repair bills at the same time. Access the Small Engine Repair Reference Centre only on-line with your library card at


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