By Delthia Ricks, MA, MS

With all the media frenzy regarding the N1H1 influenza virus, AKA the “swine ‘flu”, it is about time we had an objective look at influenza strains and how they affect our daily lives. Author Delthia Ricks, a medical writer for Newsday, has compiled 100 frequently-asked questions about the flu, neatly organized into nine sections on the basics, flu shots, medications, concerns for children and seniors, epidemic and pandemic planning, historical contexts and of course, how to prevent the spread of flu viruses. Each section has a number of corresponding questions, with informational sidebars (for definitions that can also be found in the handy glossary), and each question is answered with straightforward, clear information. An appendix at the back has a list of authoritative organizations and sources that can provide further information, like Flu Watch, which is coordinated through Canada’s own Centre for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, or the Families Fighting Flu organization, an American group formed by families whose children did not survive flu, or were made dangerously ill by it. There is information about every strain of flu or virus that we have lately heard about in the news – Norwalk, H1N1, Avian, SARS – as well as many others. This book will not only help arm yourself from influenza, it will help arm you against misinformation about it too. Click here to find it in our on-line catalogue.


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