Silver Tongue, by Charlie Fletcher

Silver Tongue, by Charlie Fletcher, 509 pages.
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The Darkness flowed into London on the same night that the Ice Devil arrived. Released through a crack in an ancient rock, this darkness was the purest, most malevolent gloom. Not the black darkness which results from the mere absence of light and hope, it was instead a force that, with the help of the ghoulish Walker, sucked light, hope and life into itself and obliterated them.

George, Edie and the Gunner are trapped in a perilous, hidden “unLondon” where two mutually hostile tribes of statues are cascading towards a final battle. The Ice Devil has frozen both time and the city; the heavy snowfall has buried everything; the people have disappeared - George and Edie are the only humans left. With time standing still, the way appears to be almost entirely open for the Darkness, the Last Knight and the Queen of Time to work their evil. George and Edie’s chances of vanquishing the Darkness back into the stone, pushing the Ice Devil back into the Black Mirrors, and resetting time into motion, are so slim….and yet, this is what they must somehow do.

Set in a many-layered London , Silver Tongue is a powerful and engrossing fantasy encompassing adventure, magic and history by a talented British writer. The book completes Charlie Fletcher’s epic “Stoneheart” trilogy which began with Stoneheart and Ironhand.

** Recommended for ages 11 to 15 years.


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