Shimmer, by Dallas Reed

Shimmer, by Dallas Reed, 314 pages.
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The mysterious box had recently been uncovered in a cave near the peak of a nearby mountain by a blast crew. Now it was in Justin’s home, awaiting a professor’s expert examination. But as it sat on the desk in his dad’s study, Justin could sense that the box, carved from a type of deep grey stone, was exuding some sort of inexplicable, intractable force. Who had constructed this box … and what was inside?

Justin could have no idea of the horrific events that would unfold in his town when the box was impulsively opened by a high school acquaintance during a party at his house… events that would include the release of some sort of shimmering dust from the box, transforming everyone it touched… events that would send a group of terrified teens fleeing for their lives through a freezing blizzard …. events almost beyond imagination, which would change the isolated Colorado town of Winter forever.

A modern rewriting of the Pandora’s Box myth, Shimmer is a realistic, thrilling and mesmerizing tale that unfolds at an incredible pace, with well-developed characters and a satisfying ending. Teens will find it hard to put down.

Dallas Reed is a new author whose next book, The Calling, a paranormal thriller, will soon be released. Mr. Reed lives in Texas.

** Recommended for ages 11 to 16 years.


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