By Nicholas Nigro

I wish there were not a demand for books like these, but thank goodness the publishing world is responding to the current economic reality. Released this month is this very optimistic approach to unemployment, No Job? No Prob! Nicholas Nigro’s philosophy is that unemployment does not have to mean a reduction in the quality of life. He looks at joblessness as a series of opportunities to reorganize one’s mind and life’s direction, create new networks, have fun in unconventional (and virtually free) ways, as well as making a bit of money to help tide things over. The atmosphere of the book is upbeat, positive and anti-doom-and-gloom; a hard but necessary thing to achieve for those of us who feel that job loss is akin to a shipwreck. (This is aided by numerous “Unemployment Benefit facts” sprinkled throughout the book, like “you can get up bright and early to watch the sun rise… and then go back to bed.”) Not all fun and games, each chapter also has a series of exercises to help you get through this stressful time – like focusing one’s goals, choosing where to trim one’s budget, streamlining the job search so it doesn’t consume you, plus a whole chapter of tips for avoiding stress, boredom and depression. Although the book is American in its focus, it only takes a little imagination (and maybe the help of your friendly neighbourhood librarians) to find local equivalents of its suggestions. This book is for anyone who is currently unemployed or facing job loss.

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