Dino-Hockey, by Lisa Wheeler

Could dinosaurs skate? Did they play hockey? Well … perhaps they did!
In this imaginative hockey story, dinosaurs are indeed playing hockey. The fearsome meat-eating dinosaurs have challenged the plant-eating dinos to a match!
The opening face-off, with T-Rex and Triceratops battling for the puck, has fans roaring in the stands, and after that, the hockey action doesn’t stop for a minute.
Dino-Hockey may even have the edge on NHL hockey in this particular game, “unrivalled in history”, with its fascinating cast of dinosaur hockey players.

Told in rhyme, this clever story combines a child’s love of hockey, if dinosaurs, and of an entertaining, well-written story.
** Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years. @ SPL: JP Wheel
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In the Stratford Gazette on January 9, 2009.


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