It’s (supposed to be) getting colder, a time for hibernation, and you may be wondering how, in the days of lengthening darkness, to peel your kids off that cozy couch. How can all of their senses and their imaginations be engaged without an LED screen? Jennifer Ward’s answer – take them outdoors. She provides 52 simple, free (or at least very inexpensive), appealing activities, divided by season, that will stimulate quiet skills. Skills like observation, concentration, curiosity, wonder, discovery, and even problem solving. Autumn is a great time to be an ‘animal sleuth’, and early winter nights are great for finding ‘the hunter’, ‘big bear’ and even the ‘lion’ in the dark sky. Each activity challenges both parent and child to think about their surroundings with interesting questions, for which there are rarely wrong answers, and provides “Help me understand” mini-boxes with answers to questions like, “Do ants have noses?” and “How are snowflakes made?” (but unfortunately not “why is the sky blue?”). For those super-inquisitive minds, the author has included recommended reading lists for adults and children, and a handy list of websites that can be visited together – if you can pry them away from the great outdoors.
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In the Stratford Gazette on November 21, 2008


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