All the experts agree that having a workout buddy is one of the best ways to stick to any fitness program. What better buddy can you ask for than the one who always wants to be with you, is raring to go whenever you yell “walkies!” and who will eat his organic veggies without any complaints (well ok, if they are in biscuit form)? Right off the bat this book states that getting fit is not about having a tiny waistline or big biceps, it’s about being able to ‘function at our full potential when we engage in physical activity’. This goes for your dog, too. Throughout, human and canines are compared in terms of obesity risks, fitness benefits, and it gives even gives point-by-point information on human and doggie nutrition, pacing for any age (of dog or human) and types of exercise you can do together – including some human activities that can be adapted for dogs, and vice versa – even in the pool. With lots of pictures and helpful side-hints, this fitness book describes how exercising with your dog can increase physical, mental and emotional health for the both of you. Don’t try this with the cat.
Click here to find this book in the Stratford Public Library's catalogue.


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