It is hard to fathom a more insidious disease than Alzheimer’s. A disease that slowly erodes memory and personality, it can be challenging, frightening, frustrating and heartbreaking for both victims and caregivers. Many people who develop Alzheimer’s prefer the familiar surroundings of their homes, and with ever-growing waiting lists to get into long-term care facilities, many patients rely on their loved-ones for care – which can be emotionally grueling for everyone concerned. The Comfort of Home for Alzheimer’s is well-named – it is a reassuring source that describes the development and effects of the disease. In addition, it helps one to prepare the home, to plan financial, medical and legal aspects for the patient, and to know when the time is right for choosing a home care worker. Part two provides plans for daily activities and special occasions, shows how to help move the patient and prevent falls, and of utmost importance, it gives detailed information about how to communicate with the patient at every stage of the disease. With helpful tips, notes and illustrations throughout, and a glossary and index in the back, this American series of caregiver’s guides gets extra points for listing contacts for Canadian support organizations. Written in a thoroughly compassionate manner, this book should be of use to anyone who knows someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. "

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