In the latest title of Roy MacGregor’s best-selling Screech Owls series, the hockey team from the small town of Tamarack is visiting Ottawa to participate in the world’s largest minor league hockey tournament, involving more than 500 teams from around the world. The Screech Owls will be playing in the very arena where Wayne Gretzky played his last game in Canada, and the Canadian Prime Minister and a number of other world leaders plan to attend.
However, the Screech Owls encounter much more than hockey in Ottawa. They become involved in some serious mystery and even some terrorism when a diabolical mastermind, calling himself “1 / 1”, has a goal of his own in mind for the Bell Capital Cup Tournament!
The 21 titles of the Screech Owls Series, which combine lots of fast-paced hockey action with mystery, danger and suspense, continue to be popular with boys. Canadian author Roy MacGregor is the author of many hockey books and is also a columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail.
** Recommended for ages 9 to 13 years of age.
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